Canvas Tote Bags For Women

It’s your chance to make great choices by getting these cotton tote bags from a well-known manufacturer, distributor, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of cotton tote bags in Kolkata, India to reduce plastic carry bags’ daily usage. These bags will help you to multitask, so no more using weak plastic or paper carry bags. Shop, travel or pack food in this for a little beach trip easily.

The material is very tough and can be reused as much as you like. These cotton tote bags will last several years so that it will be a one-time investment. Because of the natural hue, these bags can be used by both genders. And the maintenance is also simple; just a little machine wash will suffice.

Canvas Tote Bag for Women
Item Code : CTBFW01
Navy Bottom Canvas Tote bag
Item Code : CTBFW02
Canvas Tote Bag for Women
Item Code : CTBFW03